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Pride and Prejudice Teas Size/type Price
Pride and Prejudice Sampler (Lizzie, Mr Darcy, Jane, Longbourn Wedding) 4 teas in pouch $15.95
Lizzie Bennet’s Wit (black tea with cranberry and blue mallow) 65g loose leaf $15.95
Mr Darcy’s Pride (Da Hong Pao Oolong tea) 40g loose leaf $15.95
Mrs Bennet’s Nerves (chamomile, peppermint, passion flower, lavender) 45g loose leaf $15.95
Sweet Jane Bennet (Ceylon black tea with vanilla and jasmine) 65g loose leaf $15.95
Lydia Has More Fun (rooibos with coconut flakes) 75g loose leaf $15.95
Longbourn Wedding (white tea, rose, raspberry and champagne flavor) 45g loose leaf $15.95
Emma Teas
Emma’s Perfect Match (green tea, rose, strawberry, hibiscus, dried fruits) 60g loose leaf $15.95
Mr Knightley’s Reserve (black Earl Grey tea) 50g loose leaf $15.95
Miss Lucy Steele (black tea with apricot and vanilla) 60g loose leaf $15.95

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