How to Brew Tea

How to Brew Tea Basics:

  1. bring cold (preferably filtered) water to a rolling boil
  2. for loose leaf tea, add tea leaves directly to the pot, infuser or filter, using approx. 1 teaspoon tea leaves per 6 oz of water or adjust to taste
  3. for bagged tea, follow instructions on tea container
  4. when water has reached a rolling boil (or the recommended temperature per guidelines below), pour water directly over tea & cover
  5. let the tea steep for the recommended time depending on the type of tea, following instructions on tea container or using the general guidelines below
  6. do not over steep, or tea can become bitter; if you prefer stronger tea, use more tea leaves
  7. remove tea infuser or tea bag and ENJOY!
Type of Tea Water Temp Temp (°F) Steep Time
Black boiling 212° 4-5 minutes
Oolong boiling 205° 4-5 minutes
Green (Chinese) short of boiling 175° 2-3 minutes
Green (Japanese) short of boiling 160° 1-2 minutes
White short of boiling 175° 2-3 minutes
Herbals boiling 212° 5 minutes